Flexible Report Schedule

Schedule reports on a daily, Daily Flex Overnight, weekly, or monthly basis, choose when to send the report email, Compare to the previous period

The pro version offer the option to set Daily Flex Overnight interval and schedule in reports.

Multiple Reports

The pro version offer the option to set and schedule multiple reports, you can set as many reports as you need with different schedule and different data.

  • Schedule multiple reports PRO

Report Options

  • Customize the report email subject
  • Customize the report email content      
  • Preview and send test report
  • Send the report to multiple recipients

Report Totals

  • Gross Revenue – sum of all orders including shipping & taxes with refunds taken off.
  • Coupons – Total discounts with coupons
  • Refunds – Total Refunds during the report period.
  • Taxes – Total tax charges during the report period.
  • Shipping – Total shipping charges during the report period.
  • Net Revenue – sum of all orders, with refunds, shipping & taxes taken off.

Report Details

  • Top Selling Products (5, 10, 20, all) – product name, quantity, amount.
  • Top Selling Categories (5, 10, 20, all) – category name, quantity, amount.
  • Sales by Billing Country (5, 10, 20, all) – country, orders count, total amount.
  • Sales by Billing State (5, 10, 20, all) – state, orders count, total amount.


  • Active Subscriptions – total number of active subscriptions
  • Subscriptions signups – total number of subscriptions signups during the report period.
  • Signup Revenue – total signup revenue during the report period.
  • Subscription renewal – total number of subscriptions renewal during the report period.
  • Renewal Revenue – total renewal revenue during the report period.